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Geopat Promotions sucks!

A friend and I had stopped at a local gas station to fill up when some boys selling "no wash" car cleaner in a can came up and demonstated their products to us.

I didn't really need the product , but felt bad for them as they were obviously trying to make a living and were the down an out looking type.

So I agreed to buy a set of their products, and gave them my credit card for the charge.

The next week I found that my card had been charged TWO times for the same amount. Obviously an easy error by someone not paying attentino to the credit card machine.

I called the maker of the product, who led me to the US distributor, who lead me to the local distributor and seller.

GEOPAT Promotions Inc of Houston , TX.

I called and spoke with Pam, I let her know of the error and gave her all of the needed information to fix the situation: My name, date of purchse, the credit card number it was placed on, even the verification numbers associated with each charge.

Pam promised to take care of the problem and call me back the next day.

The next day...no call. In fact no one ever calls me to get back with me of discuss anything with me.

That was early last week. ( Current date 4/20/05)
I have now been chasing this over charge for a full month.

I called again and spoke with Pam, who took all of my information yet again and said that her manager would be in tommorro and they would try to deal with this then.

So I my over charge has been put off YET AGAIN.

I am beginning to believe that this company are complete jerks. I am a single working mom and I need that refund!

This company obviously doesn't care that it stole my money and to date doesn't seem all that interested in giving it back.

I will never buy anything from anyone selling anything in this manner again.

I really want everyone to know what a horrible company GEOPAT Promotions is.

GEOPAT Promotions:
10512 Meadowglen Lane
Houston, TX 77042
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