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My parents are so naive sometimes. I am a daughter of the one middle-class family in the entire WORLD where I actually have to watch what I do all-the-fricken-time. Seriously, this is an extreme.

I just got yelled at and lectured for a half-hour because I have an online journal. My dad wants me to go into my information and change my name and all of my info so that no weird creepy guys come stalk me in Nowheresville Wisconsin. I'm not gonna do it. It's just so stupid. I mean they are seriously unaware that millions and kajillions of college students across the world go on these things. It's a place where I can go to get away from them!

I understand that it's a risk to put your information online, but do they actually think that my name isn't anywhere else on the internet? I even told them that I only put "Brig Massoth" as my name, and my dad's like, "Well Massoth IS your name! They're gonna find you!" They're so paranoid.

When are they gonna learn that this is my life now. I'm on my own, and I don't need their help anymore. All of the billions of lectures I got over this break would have done me no good if I was at school. I mean, they can lecture me all they want whole I'm up there, but they CAN'T for God's sakes follow me around anymore.

And don't come on here and tell me I'm wrong, because I know the rule that they made, and I damn well knew it when I was entering my name onto this site.


So much has been meddled with inside of my family in the past year or so, and I tell ya, I am SICK of it. I want my own life, and I'm tired of them (exclusively my dad) always trying to teach me something. He's heard it from me more times than grains of sand on the earth, and yet he still insists on lecturing me every five minutes. There's always something you can learn in this family. No one's content to just be. I can always be this much better than I was. I'm never quite good enough, ya know? I'm never doing anything in quite the right way. And he KNOWS IT! That's the part that gets me! We've had this conversation so many times that they all blur together in my head. He knows how annoying it is to me, and yet he won't change. He's too fixed in his ways and stubborn to change for anyone else's good, yet everyone else needs to change for him.

I don't care if this is harsh, it's how I've been feeling my ENTIRE life. I just can't stand it anymore.
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