silen7dea7h (silen7dea7h) wrote in complaint_desk,

damn hurricane. im still with out power and im not suppose to get power for another week :( every transformer down our street is blown. plus since we run on a well......we have no running water either. so we cant even take any showers or go to the bathroom unless we want to prime the well once the power does come back on....and thats a pain in the ass. my only entertainment right now is sitting in my bed stairing at the abyse of my mind's imagination.....which because of television, that isnt much :-p

not only that, but i still have to go in for work on monday and tuesday....and with no school, its going to be tempting to miss work and get fired :-/ i need to plan these things in advance so that i can just take a day off or something.....sadly i already know what im going to use my floating holidays for...and i dont want to change them.

plus side is that my birthday is only 1 month and 25 days away :-D
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