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ok, my parents are trying to get me to go on another cruise...most of you already know this. its suppose to be my birthday party for when i turn 18. my brother already has the place all picked out. so, im probably going on another trip to cozumel mexico again. this time, my brother is dragging me to the "bar of all bars". i dont really want to go on another trip to that dump. plus, i dont really even like the taste of beer too much. may have some, but only a few sips and thats it for the month. tho my brother has been trying to force it down my throut for the past far it was unsuccessful :)

anyways. my parents dont really seemed worried about money lately either. i think its some sort of virus going around.

not only are they planning it around my birthday...i dont know how im going to go because of work. i dont have any vacation days to use to take off for an entire week....tho a cruise right now would sound long as your going with a bunch of friends. my last one wasnt that bad, but only had one friend going with me. so it got boring at
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