inneedofescape (inneedofescape) wrote in complaint_desk,

I swear my mom is out of her skull. I receive a phone call from her in the middle of the day as a check to see what I have or haven’t accomplished to see what she will do after work. Half way through the conversation she tells me she wants to take a trip. I say that I’m going up to Fresno for 4th of July – or so I hope. She says “no no I’m talking like a far away trip … lets go to NY .. Just you and I.. No men .. We haven’t done it before so why the hell not” aside from this being the first time I have ever heard my mom curse this was the first time ever she hasn’t been concerned with money. Her business hasn’t been doing so well and therefore has been very strapped for money and to hear her not care was a shock. My immediate response was “we can’t afford it.” With out hesitation she says “we’ll find someway to afford it, I’m not to concerned”

She wasn’t concerned when I wasn’t getting financial aid. She wasn’t concerned about me telling her I was to go shopping. She wasn’t concerned when she told me about this trip. What kind of madness is this? Is this some curl heartless joke someone is trying to pull... wtf?!?
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